Five Things to consider when viewing a wedding venue

Congratulations, you are now engaged! Now, who’s excited to start looking for their perfect wedding day venue?!

Here at Grand Station, we are full of advice and wish you give you five things you MUST consider when you are viewing a venue.

 1. Location

 The first thing to definelty consider is the actual destination of your venue. Is your venue close? Can family members reach this place easy? Is it close to an airport? These are all valid questions you must always consider when searching for that venue to tie the knot.

 Here at Grand Station, we are located directly in the middle of Wolverhampton City Centre and within a five minute walk from the train station - making us one of the most accessible in the whole region! Also, our closest airport of Birmingham Airport is just a short 40 minutes away, making it easier for those abroad who can visit you on your special day.

 2. A date

 A difficult one but perfectly valid! You need a date for your wedding, whether this is sentimental towards yourself or your partner - but a date must be chose to make sure that the venue is available. Saturday is a traditional day to be booking an English wedding but these days are very busy and will book up very quickly. So get thinking!

 3. Planning

 Always plan ahead! Once you’ve figured out a date, there are a lot of other exciting things to consider when planning the perfect day. A useful tip from Grand Station would be to book out meetings with representatives from a variety of destinations which allows you to decide who stands out, and who doesn’t. Oh, and take a paper and pen...

 4. Budget

 It’s always a good idea to sit down with your partner and work out an overall budget for your day. This could cost a lot of money, so there are a lot of things to consider when paying the price for certain venues. Will the venue be big enough? Do you we need a bigger room? Do we need to cut our invitation list down? These are all valid questions and are often thought of my most couples so don’t worry!

 5. Time

 A lot of items can be considered in terms of timing, but number one would be - Do we have enough time to prepare? This is often a couple’s worst nightmare and causes a lot of stress, but don’t worry! Grand Station actually offers booklets in what to consider and countdowns all the things you need for your wedding.

 But, in terms of a venue - a lot of things are up for consideration including food times and bar times. So, remember to always enquire about what time the bar may shut upon your wedding day! Small questions like that could make a lot of difference.