Top Five Honeymoon Destinations for Couples who Love Food!

Are you a foodie? Currently defined as ‘a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food and who eats food not out of hunger but due to their interest or hobby.’ If you meet this suspected criteria, then this blog is definetly for you. Across the world, married couples search through thousands of destinations to see their dream honeymoon place. Many love wine, many love adventure - but, here’s this week’s edition of Grand Station’s blog and see where to go for the love of food.  

Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

 A very much different side to the one we know at Chiquito’s, Mexico’s food scene is highly regarded as some of the tastiest in the world. Fajitas, Chimichanga’s, Taco’s are just a few of the one’s we will order at the back of our minds or when we just hear the ‘Mexico.’

Here in Valle De Guadalupe, located in just under a two hour drive from San Diego, Valle De Guadalupe holds one of the country’s most famous wine tasting museums. Visitors can make their own wine and pick grapes from the vineyard!



Bologna, Italy

 The home of the world renowned , ‘Bolognese’, Bologna offers much more than this local delicacy. Other foods include cheese, wine and sausage - something that brings water to the mouth for the people of Italy.

With Florence just a 40 minute drive away, Italy adds that close proximity to everything you need to try across the country, which is why honeymooners love it! Start your day off with a Mortadella with a hint of Balsamic de Modena, followed by a pizza, ending with a Caffe ‘Allo Zabaione. A perfect setting for the perfect honeymoon.


Philadelphia, USA

 American food in general is considered as ‘tasty’ and one that everyone will like, but Philadelphia is home to some of the country’s most sacred dishes. In general, the Philly Cheesesteak is something that can’t quite yet be replicated in the UK. But its not only the famous Steak dish that is offered in the largest city of Pennsylvania, items such as Philadelphia Cheese were also made here.

Soft pretzels, stromboli, tastykake, Italian ice and root beer are also highly recommended.



Tokyo, Japan

 Our closest version to this would be YoSushi, a replication of what we think food is like in Japan. But, it turns out there are a lot of additional extras in the city of Tokyo. If you’re extra adventurous and enjoy trying some of the globe’s weirdest dishes, then Japan is highly recommended.

The common use of sushi remains a favourite around the world, not to mention the others consumed by the locals. Only the bravest couples would try Japan but it would highly be recommended across the Grand Station office. Local delicacies include the likes of Goya (bitter melon), kujira (whale meat), natto (fermented soya beans) & uni (sea urichin).


Budapest, Hungary

Speaking from personal experience, Budapest is the most magical city in Eastern Europe. Known as the ‘Paris in the East’, Budapest offers some fine dining experiences across the city. This includes river tours and bar crawls, trying some of the local foods and they are truly amazing.

A common dish is called Goulash, which is slowly becoming more popular in the UK, made up of carrots, stew, potato, paprika and meat. Goulash is by far the most popular dish in Hungary, closely followed by Langos and chimney cakes. These can be filled with sweet or savoury snacks such as cream, ice cream, sausages, butter, cheese - they fit extremely well with everything!