Five Wedding Traditions from Around the World

We all know about the traditional wedding in this country, but how do others celebrate matrimony from around the world? Here, Grand Station have put together a very interesting list of how other countries wed their people in some of the most traditional ways in the world.

 Fiji - Whale tooth

So you’re thinking about proposing to your partner who you have loved for so long. But, there is one thing you will need to impress the father-in-law - A Tabua. This is required when asking a father to marry and this is infact a whale tooth. The pronunciation of tabua (ta-boo-ah) is translated to sacred in Fijian but can be rather expensive in the South Pacific, costing several thousands of Fijian Dollar.

 Norway - Kransekake

Award for the best wedding tradition involving food goes to Norway with their famous kransekake’s. Made up of simple ingredients including almonds, sugar, eggs and icing, the conical shaped cake can be made up of several rings cluttered with Norwegian flags and reindeer. Sometimes, you can even take the top off on the cake and find a nice surprise in the middle which may be a bottle of wine or champagne for the bride and groom.

 South Korea - Wedding Ducks

Traditionally, in South Korea, newly-weds will be gifted carved wooden ducks as a celebration of a couple’s marriage. These will even sit on the altar with you whilst the ceremony is occurring, these can be identified through colours as the bride’s duck will be red whereas the the husband’s will be blue. After the wedding, it is common for the ducks to be in view inside the couple’s home and funnily turned away from each other when the couple has had a slight falling out.

 Cuba - Free Money

When a couple gets married in Cuba, there’s more than just a load of Cuban cigars involved! In fact, the bride usually comes out with a lot of money from others who wish to dance with her. The money will be pinned to the bride’s dress in an invitation for a couple of minutes of dancing. This tradition is commonly known as a gift to help out with the future payment for the couple’s honeymoon.

 Germany - Log Cutting

Probably one of the more commonly known traditional wedding activities from around the world is located in Germany. A couple is sometimes required to show off their teamwork and communication skills by sawing through a log at the wedding reception. This is to signify their willingness and strength to overcome all obstacles as a couple which will inevitably occur during their time together.