Five Honeymoon Destinations for Adventurous Couples

Are you and your partner looking for the perfect honeymoon including some of the world’s most relaxing spa’s, views and all inclusive packages? Look away now. This is blog is for couples who love adventure and want to see the world in the palm of their hand after their amazing wedding day. Grand Station have come up with five places across the globe that are perfect for YOU.

Galapagos Islands

Fancy a honeymoon at the other end of the planet, in the middle of nowhere? Then the famous Galapagos could be the place for you. Although expensive, the Islands provide some of the world’s unique wildlife and species to ever be seen. Reserva El Chato is the home for the famous Galapagos Tortoise and can provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these unique animals in their own natural habitat. The Islands also offer hopping tours across the 21 volcanic landmarks as well as amazing beaches, scuba diving and a full-day Floreana Tour allowing the access to see thousands of wild penguins and iguanas across Floreana.



Probably one of the most underrated destinations on our list is Mozambique. A country that not a lot of people may of heard of is located on the East side of Africa, just off the Mozambique Channel on the way to Madagascar. The capital, Maputo, offers some of the countries biggest history landmarks including museums, shops and galleries involving the Portogeuse Revolution - which was a vital part of the Mozambique’s history. Other activities include Island hopping across the Madagascar and Comoros as well as daily trips to South Africa, a country which borders East Africa. A country full of adventure and a great place to brag about to your friends!



A name which is becoming more and more recognisable everyday is Cappadocia, located in central Turkey. Just an hours drive from Kayseri and three hours from the capital, Ankara - Cappadocia offers tourists the chance of a lifetime to ride in one of the worlds most famous hot air balloon ride. Setting off early in the morning, you will be joined by hundreds of balloons in the air with yourself, making an excellent opportunity for photos and Turkey’s most thrilling scenery. To add to the excitement, you can even stay in a cave hotel located in the heart of the Turkish mountains.



Located in the heart of Italy, Tuscany is a bit closer to home than our other selections and can provide the perfect honeymoon destinations for those on a strict budget or prefer to be closer to home. Italy is one of the easiest countries to navigate across via public transport including easy access to Rome and Naples from the capital, Florence. Tuscany is full of history and offers some of Europe’s most beautiful scenery where you cane even ride a bike across the mountains with your loved one.



Marrakech is slowly becoming more and more popular for newly-weds. Offering some of the best food across Northern Africa, couscous fans will love this adventure as it’s the official national dish for Morocco. Other activities include live snake charming, which would be a rare experience for anyone wishing to visit the district of Jemaa El Fnaa. Bahia Palace and Koutoubia Mosque are also highlighted landmarks for the ‘Red City.’